Who we are?
Our Vision
Our Values

Founded in 2002, Air Tunilik is a company specializing in air transport. In 2014, there were major company changes, including the addition of new aircrafts to better serve and offer a wide range of services to our customers. 2020 year of many change in our organisation addition of new experienced people and new hydro base  to give you a better service all around the Quebec 



Our passion is passion for the world of aviation. That's where we want to discover and make people discover through the airways our vast wealth territories..

The discovery of these spectacular places happens in Northern Quebec. Air Tunilik work in an environment to serve for adventure, but also for those who believe like us at the many possibilities that these vast lands can offer.

We continually seek to contribute to the economic development of Northern Quebec by partnering with outfitters, associations and other aviation enthusiasts.


For us, respecting the customers starts with ensuring their safety and provide them a range of professional services focused on their total satisfaction as well involved and committed employees to success.

Integrity is our commitment to respect the regulations in force, with the continuous improvement of our services and our human capital, as well as listening to the needs of our customers and staff in the implementation of our services.

Without a real commitment, a company can really exceed expectations; it is in the motivation and goals of sharing a team manages to overcome pitfalls and to stand out.


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